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We specialize in delivering data driven solutions built around processes. Utilizing our proprietary platform, we provide our clients with the right tools in a fast, cost-effective manner. Our custom built solutions remove the barriers found in pre-packaged products and easily adapt to the ever changing needs of your business to produce real results. Realtime Apps

Experienced Workforce

For over 10 years we have proudly provided our clients with stable, secure applications and top-notch customer support. Our award-winning staff has decades of experience in software development and implementation that will help ensure your projects are successful.

Industry Flexible

We have developed applications in a multitude of industries for businesses domestically and internationally ranging from SMBs to Fortune 100 companies. Such apps include: EHS audit management systems, risk identification and tracking, CRM, team/event planning and control, financial reporting, and many more!

Developmental Theory

We recognize that establishing all programming requirements prior to initial development is not a realistic approach. Our goal is not only to create the right tools, but to help drive the process. Using functional prototypes, evolutionary programming, and flexible methods, we can easily adapt to the changes, enhancements, or redesigns required.

Functional Prototypes

The first step of application development is learning about the process. Our platform and experience in reviewing work flows, analyzing existing data structures, and gathering requirements enables us to deliver fully functional prototypes in a fraction of the time typically required.

Evolutionary Programming

As requirements change so should your solution. Our programming methodology thrives on flexibility at the back and front end. We utilize versatile components to reduce redundancies in testing and tuning for increased transaction performance and stability.

User Experience

Utilizing ever-evolving technologies and templates, we focus on creating a rich user experience independent of browser or mobile device. A complete abstraction layer from the UI allows our solutions to evolve with the latest and greatest technologies.


Each solution has a blueprint of the flow and data connectivity for ease in understanding and modification. Multiple regions are available for development and quality control. All entities have versatile built-in web services, triggered actions, published rights, and indexes that can be easily monitored and maintained.

The Process

What We Start With

Spreadsheets & documents

Any documents involved in the process that your business would like to improve.

Existing database

Utilize data dumps or hook up directly to build around existing data.

Your ideas

Any way to make the process more efficient can be incorporated to give your company an edge.

What We Do

Upload to our platform

Your content will be transformed into a web-based & mobile app instantly.

Tweak & develop

We will ensure it functions to your specifications making simple tweaks or full development if needed.

Publish & distribute

Once teams and roles are established, the app will be distributed to users. Sandbox and production environments are available for quality control.

What You'll Receive

Mobile application

A fully responsive online/offline app built for your phone or tablet.

Web-based application

Access online with any any browser and device for a rich user experience.

Cloud support

Your data will be stored & backed up in a secure data center.


Start with an ordinary spreadsheet:


Instantly transform it into a feature-rich application:

Click here to play with a read-only published version of the web-based app created by the example spreadsheet.

The best of both worlds
Off-the-shelf meets complete customization

Our proprietary platform provides a feature rich environment that offers full back-end control and an optimized user experience.


Applications are generated around your data allowing for complete control, flexibility, and interactivity.

Custom Creations

No more fitting your business to an off the shelf application with a fixed database and ad-hoc fields. Build the application and database to fit your business.


Secure socket layers, data encryption, and custom installations help ensure your data is safe and finely tuned to your requirements.


Charts and Reports

Visualize your data using a variety of dynamic charts, page views, templates, and custom reports.

Cloud Storage

A fast and stable cloud-based database gives you access to your data anytime and anywhere.

Fully Responsive

Optimized HTML5 templates provide the best look and performance whether you're using a desktop, tablet, or other smart devices.

Who is using our software?

The Boeing Company

31 Production applications for EHS, CAS, SSG and Remediation

B.L. Harbert International

Earned a Safety Excellence Award utilizing applications developed by RTA

Terex | Auburn Engineers | Temple University ...

Custom software designed to fit specific business needs and use cases


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