Real Experience in Creating Custom EHS Solutions


  • Aspects & Impacts (ISO-14001)
  • Compliance Tracking (OHSAS-18001)
  • Metrics Reporting
    • Hazardouse Waste
    • Electricity & Natural Gas
    • Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Health & Safety

  • Risk Analysis & Management
  • Hazard Identifictation & Controls
  • Audit Tracking & Reporting
  • Pattern Recognition & AI
  • Ergonomics


  • Document Control
  • Safety Observations
  • Training Management
    • Classes
    • Certifications
    • Job Orientation

Why Custom?

You already track your data

If spreadsheets & standalone databases control your EHS management.

Let us turn that data into productive EHS collaboration tools that are a pleasure to use.

Save money

Utilizing our platform, we can create the tools you need around your data for a fraction of the cost you'd pay for an all encompassing system.

Simple Transition

Eliminate redundancy and hassels trying to fit to an off-the-shelf software. Building around your data ensures complete integration and minimum training.

Maintenance & Support

With custom software, we work for you. No waiting for support and hoping to get what you need in a new release.

The Process

What We Start With

Spreadsheets & documents

All documents involved in tracking your EHS processes.

Existing database

Utilize data dumps or hook up directly to build around existing data.

Your ideas

Any way to increase efficiency can be incorporated to give your company an edge.

What We Do

Upload to our platform

Your content will be transformed into a web-based & mobile app instantly.

Tweak & develop

We will ensure it functions to your specifications making simple tweaks or full development if needed.

Publish & distribute

Once teams and roles are established, the app will be distributed to users. Sandbox and production environments are available for quality control.

What You'll Receive

Mobile application

A fully responsive online/offline app built for your phone or tablet.

Web-based application

Access online with any browser and device for a rich user experience.

Cloud support

Your data will be stored & backed up in a secure data center.


Start with an ordinary spreadsheet:


Instantly transform it into a feature-rich application:

Click here to play with a read-only published version of the web-based app created by the example spreadsheet.

Taking your data from Knowledge to Action

Collecting data is a small step on the path of being a learning organization but using that data to drive value within your organization enables continuous improvement through continuous learning.

Artificial Intelligence

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Learning Algorithms, Realtime can provide ongoing detailed analyses of data and notify users of trends and weak signals. Utilizing our unique capability of being able to connect to any database, any internet of things (sensors, online repositories), any data source, Realtime can predict future trends.

Sensor Data
Collect temperature and vibration sensor data from inline pumps and provide a failure rate/failure prediction allowing planned maintenance and reduced unplanned events
Predictive Analysis
Dynamically optimize operator rounds at oil refineries and chemical facilities based on risk and predictive analysis. Operators get to see the riskiest operations and actively reduce risk while improving uptime
Augmented Reality
Provide risk adjusted data within augmented reality systems to allow the tracking of realtime events and processes and provide alerts based on location, risk and priority

Risk-Based Decision Making

Realtime provides detailed risk tracking tools that track organizational risk over time. Risk tracking coupled with the tracking of corrective actions provides insight into what corrective actions are most successful.

EHS Valuation Models

By updating the Realtime solution with costs associated with EHS corrective actions, the data can be compiled into custom, risk-based valuation models to show how EHS returns value to the company.


Who is using our software?

The Boeing Company

29 Production EHS applications

B.L. Harbert International

Earned a Safety Excellence Award

Terex | Auburn Engineers...

Utilizing applications developed by us

Small/Medium Size Business?

Don't settle for less and pay more...

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