Off-the-shelf meets complete customization

A feature-rich environment with full backend control and an optimized user experience


No more fixed databases and ad-hoc fields. Applications are generated around the data allowing for complete control, flexibility, and interactivity.


Applications are custom developed around business processes so users don't need to change existing work flows.


Secure socket layers, data encryption, and custom installations help ensure the data is safe and finely tuned to meet requirements.

Charts and Reports

Visualize data using a variety of dynamic charts, page views, templates, and custom reports.

Cloud Storage

A fast and stable cloud-based database gives users access to their data anytime and anywhere without having to worry about backups.

Fully Responsive

Optimized HTML5 templates provide the best look and performance whether users are using a desktop, tablet, or other smart devices.



The WYA platform has been developed and refined by Realtime Apps over the last decade. Designed to do all the heavy lifting for data driven applications, it is middle ware between the database and frontend that provides a complete abstraction layer for extensive functionality. After collecting the definitions to the application, the platform generates and maintains the database, use cases, and blueprints/flowcharts.

The WORKS to create data driven applications are a suite of tools designed to utilize ever-evolving templates for the best graphical user interface. Currently employing Bootstrap templates for a rich and responsive browser experience independant of device, WORKS interacts with the WYA platform via REST through the client's browser or mobile device.

Each application contains its own data schema with tables that are established, indexed, joined, managed, and interacted by the platform. All standard data transactions are performed by the platform based on widget definitions and connectivity. Applications are interpretted at run-time supplying all the meta-data necessary about the widgets and the data based on the user and role for the front end.


• Entities involved
• Attributes they contain
• Inbound / outbound flows
• Roles / teams that have access


• Defines the database
• Establishes relationships
• Produces blueprints of flow
• Generates role / team use cases


• Complete abstraction layer
• Lightweight XML based service
• API for development of definitions
• API for interpreting and utilizing app


The first level of hierarchy is establishing a user within the system with assigned roles. Anonymous users can access applications and information as well via distributed role-based keyed links.


Each user is assigned to roles/teams/folders to establish a level of access. Application roles determine how data is joined/retrieved, the path or flow of widgets, whether users have development capabilities and what widgets they can access.


Applications contain roles for access levels, widget definitions, and data schema (which can be shared with other apps). Application meta-data is interpreted at run-time based on the user and role involved.


Each application has its own database and established schema. Tables are established, indexed, joined, managed, and interacted by the platform based on the user role and widget.


Widgets are the key to application functionality. Use cases are dictated by widget function and performance, contained attributes, data interaction, assigned access roles, and the connective flows to other widgets.


Each application contains its own scheduler which can be setup to trigger widgets at set times. These schedules can be used to notify users in a team/role of widget results or manage data in the application.


The WYA platform is installed in a J2EE environment but the client does not need to have Java or a JRE installed. Clients access their information using a browser or mobile device. Mobile applications can be derived and completely customized with ease using WYA.WORKS.

  • In House
  • In-house installation is available for companies that do not wish to utilize the extranet cloud. Installations are based on server requirements and the necessary J2EE environment.
  • Example:
    Boeing - Red Hat/MySQL installation on their internal servers
  • Cloud-Based Intranet
  • Recommended for companies that wish to utilize the WYA.WORKS cloud provided by Realtime Apps, this installation is the preferred solution for most customers and establishes mulitple regions and seperate databases in RTA data centers.
  • Example:
    BL Harbert International - CentOS/MySQL installation utilizing Realtime Apps data centers
  • Cloud-Based Intermingled
  • Recommended for companies/individuals with a limited number of applications that don't need to have their own intranet installation. The applications still function with their own tables and data schema but are housed in the same environment with other applications.
  • Example:
    Terex - Meeting regulatory standards utilizing an audit driven assessment application


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